Workshop on Geometric Constraint Solving (GCS)   

The workshop will be jointly held on October 23, 2003. We hope that this workshop may provide an opportunity for the participants to exchange ideas on GCS, in particular between those from outside China and those from inside China. For questions about the workshop, please send an email to X.S. Gao.

  • Robert Joan-Arinyo, Tools to Deal with Under-constrained Geometric Constraint Graphs
  • Liping Chen, Singularity Analysis of Geometric Constraint System
  • Dominique Michelucci, Intrinsic Formulations of Geometric Constraints
  • Lu Yang, Solving Geometric Constraints with Distance-Based Global Coordinate System
  • Ching-Shoei Chiang, Variable-Radius Circles in Constructive Geometric Constraint Solving
  • Pascal Schreck, About the Lebesque Method.
  • Xiao-Shan Gao, Decomposition and Merge for Geometric Constraint
  • C.M. Hoffmann and W, Yang, Compliant Constraints, Proc. of ASCM03, 1-16, World Scientific, Singapore, 2003.