Abstract Preparation / Submission


  1. The abstract must be prepared using the provided latex template file.
  2. The typeset abstract (in PDF) must be at least 2 pages and at most 4 pages long.
  3. The abstract must contain the following sections:
    • Statement of the problem
    • Importance of the problem
    • Contribution to the problem
    • Originality of the contribution
    • Non-triviality of the contribution
    • References


  1. Download the latex template file: "ascm_FN_LN.tex".
  2. Rename the file so that "FN" is replaced with your first name and "LN" is replaced with your last name.
  3. Fill in the latex file (Please follow the instruction therein carefully.)
  4. Create a PDF file.


  1. Decide which session your submission best fits to.
  2. Send an email to a co-chair of the session, with the following:
    • Subject: ASCM Submission
    • Body: Your First name / Last name, Country, Email address, Title of the abstract
    • Attach: the ".tex" and ".pdf" files for the abstract.