Title First name Last name Affiliation
Computer Algebra and Algebraic geometry  ( Haibao Duan / Josef Schicho )      
Algorithm for multiplying Schubert classes Haibao Duan Chinese Academy of Sciences
Realization of numbers as the degrees of maps between manifolds  Fei Xu Chinese Academy of Sciences
Exact Morphological Classification for Quadric Surface Intersection Curves Wenping Wang University of Hong Kong
Computing cohomology rings of Exceptional Grassmannians Xuezhi Zhao Capital Normal University
Generic initial ideals of smooth integral curves in projective space Jeaman Ahn Korea Institute for advanced study 
Almost Polynomial Complexity for Zero--dimensional Grobner Bases Amir Hashemi University of Paris 6
Daniel Lazard University of Paris 6
Computer Algebra and Automated deduction ( Dongming Wang / Tudor Jebelean )    
Computer Algebra and Automated Deduction: A Brief Introduction Dongming Wang Beihang University and UPMC-CNRS
Combining Computer Algebra and Automatic Reasoning in Theorema Tudor Jebelean Research Institute for Symbolic Computation
A Rule-Based Framework for Automated Reasoning Mircea Marin University of Tsukuba
Tetsuo Ida University of Tsukuba
Cayley Factorization in 3D – A Challenge to Both Classical Invariant Theory and Automated Mathematical Reasoning Hongbo Li Chinese Academy of Sciences
Fengmei Zou Xiamen University
An Abstract, Coordinate-free, Vector Algebra Package Songxin Liang University of Western Ontario
David J. Jeffrey University of Western Ontario
Stephen M. Watt University of Western Ontario
The Recursive Algorithm for Constructing Dixon Matrices Hongguang Fu Chinese Academy of Sciences
Shizhong Zhao Chinese Academy of Sciences
Zhiwei Xu Chinese Academy of Sciences
Computer Algebra and Combinatorics ( Jack Koolen / William J. Martin )      
Overview of the computer algebra in algebraic combinatorics Jack Koolen POSTECH
Covering radii of extremal binary doubly even self-dual codes Akihiro Munemasa Tohoku University
On the local structure of the twisted Grassmann graphs Tatsuya Fujisaki Tsukuba University
The uniqueness of the Patterson graph Aleksandar Jurisic IMFM, University of Ljubljana,
Linear programming bounds for (T,M,S)-nets William Martin Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Computer Algebra and Control system design ( Hirokazu Anai / Stefan Ratschan )    
Computer Algebra and Control System Design (Overview) Hirokazu Anai FUJITSU LABORATORIES LTD  / CREST JST
Application of the QE Method to the Common Quadratic Lyapunov Function Problem Thang Nguyen KIT
Application of Quantifier Elimination to Optimal Control Problems of Hybrid Systems Sunseong Choe JAIST
Constraint Based Verification of Hybrid Systems Zhikun She MPI fuer Informatics
On the condition for settling time constraints Takuya Kitamot Yamaguchi University
A MATLAB toolbox for parametric robust control based on symbolic-numeric computation Myunghoon Hong FUJITSU LABORATORIES LTD / CREST JST
Computer Algebra and Cryptography ( YoungJu Choie / Steven Galbraith )      
Pairings, Discrete Log Problems and Cryptography Takakazu  Satoh Tokyo Institute of Technology

Algebraic issues in GB Polly Cracker Cryptosystem


Eunjeong Lee KIAS


Algebraic Degrees of the Inverse of Linearized polynomials Dong Hoon Lee National Security Research Institute
A public key encryption scheme using Algebraic-Geometry Codes JungKeun Lee National Security Research Institute

Generalized tau-adic Non-Adjacent Forms

Jung Hee

Cheon Seoul National University
Computer Algebra and Differential / difference equations ( Ziming Li / Michael Singer )    
On holonomic D-modules attached to a hypersurface isolated singularity Shinichi Tajima Niigata University
Yayoi Nakamura Kinki University
Families Of Factorizations Of Linear Partial Differential Operators in an Arbitrary Number of Variables Ekaterina Shemyakova Research Institute for Symbolic Computations
Rational Solutions of Algebraic Ordinary Difference Equations Ruyong Feng Academia Sinica
Xiaoshan Gao Academia Sinica
Determination of Displacement Efficiency in Polymer Injection Ignatius Trinartomo Institut Teknologi Bandung
Dimension formula of solution spaces of A-hypergeometric differential-difference systems Katsuyoshi Ohara Kanazawa University
Nobuki Takayama Kobe University
A Polynomial Algorithm for the Uniform General Solutions of First Order Algebraic Differential Equations Yujie Ma Academia Sinica
Shengtian Zhou Academia Sinica
Factoring Finite-dimensional Modules over Laurent-Ore Algebras Ziming Li Academia Sinica
Computer Algebra and Geometric constraint solving ( Xiao-Shan Gao / Meera Sitharam )    
A review for geometric constraint solving Xiao-Shan Gao Academia Sinica
Meera Sitharam University of Florida
Algebraic geometry for constraint problems Ciprian S. Borcea Rider University
Some special problems on geometric constraint solving Lu Yang  East China Normal University
Zhenbing Zeng East China Normal University
Combinatorial classification of 2D under-constrained systems Heping Gao University of Florida
Meera Sitharam University of Florida
Well-constrained Completion for Under constrained Geometric Constraint Problems Xiao-Shan Gao Academia Sinica
Gui-Fang  Zhang Beijing Forestry University
Computer Algebra and Geometric modeling  ( Chionh Eng Wee / Ronald N. Goldman )    
Geometric Computations Made Easy in Parameter Space Myung-Soo Kim Seoul National University
Continuous Collision Detection for Composite Quadric Primitives Wenping Wang University of Hong Kong
0/0 Simplifies Implicitization Eng-Wee Chionh National University of Singapore
Computer Algebra and Parametric polynomial systems ( Kazuhiro Yokoyama / Volker Weispfenning )  
Overview on Computer Algebra and Parametric Polynomial Systems Kazuhiro Yokoyama Rikkyo University
Volker Weispfenning University of Passau
On the Construction of Comprehensive Boolean Gröbner Bases Yosuke Sato Tokyo University of Science
Syutaro Inoue Tokyo University of Science
Computation of Comprehensive Gröbner Systems using Gröbner Bases and Primary Ideal Decompositions Akira Suzuki Kobe University
Solving Parametric Semi-Algebraic Systems Bican Xia Peking University
Rong Xiao Peking University
Lu Yang East China Normal University
Generally Comprehensive Gröbner Bases for Certain Polynomial Ideals Wei Pan University of Science and Technology
Computer Algebra and Representation theory ( Seok-Jin Kang / Leonid Bokut )    
Gröbner-Shirshov basis theory for non-commutative algebras and their representations Seok-Jin Kang Seoul National University

Calculations in conformal Lie superalgebras

Pavel Kolesnikov Novosibirsk State University
Computing the Hochschild cohomology algebras using Gröbner bases Yuji Kobayashi Toho University

Representations of Ariki-Koike algebras and Gröbner-Shirshov bases

Kyu-Hwan Lee University of Connecticut
Gröbner-Shirshov bases and normal forms for braid groups Leonid Bokut Novosibirsk State University
Computer Algebra and Signal processing ( Hyungju Park / Jeremy Johnson  )      
Parahermitian Analogue of Serre Conjecture and Higher Dimensional Wavelet Construction Hyungju Park Korea Institute for Advanced Study
The Effect of Approximation Procedure on the Rate of Convergence of Iteration Algorithm in Signal Processing Kedarnath Senapati Institute of Mathematics and Applications
Minimal Realization for a Class of nD Filters by Grobner Basis Approach Li Xu Akita Prefectural University
Symbolic Computation of DOA Distribution by Algebraic Phase Unwrapping Algorithm Isao Yamada Tokyo Institute of Technology
Generating Symmetric FFT Algorithms Jeremy Johnson Drexel University
Computer Algebra and Statistics (Naoto Niki / Serkan Hosten )      
Computer algebra and statistics --- an overview Naoto Niki Tokyo University of Science
Indispensable monomials of toric ideals and Markov bases Satoshi Aoki Kagoshima University
Akimichi Takemura University of Tokyo
Ruriko Yoshida Duke University
Approximate cumulants of the distribution of sample Pearson measure of skewness Shigekazu Nakagawa Kurashiki University
Naoto Niki Tokyo University of Science
Calculation of formal moment generating function by using differential operator Hiroki Hashiguchi Saitama University
Toshiya Iwashita Tokyo University of Science
Matrix differentiation on a class of functions of the inverse matrix of independent variables and its application to multivariate analysis Tatsuki Inoue Waseda University
Naoto Niki Tokyo University of Science
Toshiya Iwashita Tokyo University of Science
Computer Algebra and Symbolic-numeric algorithms ( Lihong Zhi / Mark Giesbrecht )    
Approximate GCD and its Applications Matu-Taro  Noda  Ehime University
Hiroshi Kai Ehime University
Structured Low Rank Approximation of a Sylvester Matrix Erich Kaltofen North Carolina State University
Zhengfeng Yang Chinese Academy of Sciences
Lihong Zhi Chinese Academy of Sciences
Symbolic-numeric Sparse Interpolation of   Mulltivariate Polynomials Mark Giesbrecht University of Waterloo
George  Labahn  University of Waterloo
Wen-shin Lee University of Antwerp
Algebraic Algorithms for Skew-Hadamard Matrices Ilias S. Kotsireas Wilfrid Laurier University
Christos Koukouvinos National Technical University of Athens
A Hybrid Method for Solving Systems of Parametric Polynomial Equations Long  Lin Chinese Academy of Sciences
Yao  Sun Chinese Academy of Sciences
Dingkang  Wang Chinese Academy of Sciences
Real Solution Isolation Based on Interval Krawczyk Operator Ting Zhang Peking University
Rong  Xiao Peking University
Bican  Xia Peking University
On the Location of Pseudozeros of a Complex Interval Polynomial Hiroshi  Sekigawa   Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation
Kiyoshi  Shirayanagi Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation
Multivariate Polynomial Factorization by Interpolation Method Jingzhong Zhang Chinese Academy of Sciences
Yong  Feng Chinese Academy of Sciences
Xijing Tang Chinese Academy of Sciences
Absolute Approximation of the General Hypergeometric Function Zilin  Du  Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences
Chee  Yap Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences
Symbolic-Numeric Algorithms in Engineering: Colloid interactions David  Jeffrey University of Western Ontario
Computer Algebra and System Design and Implementation ( Nobuki Takayama / Koji Nakagawa )  
GNU TEXmacs Joris van der Hoeven Université Paris-Sud
Multimedia User Interface for CAS Keehong Song Pusan National University
KNOPPIX/Math: Potable and distributable collection of mathematical software and free documents Tatsuyoshi Hamada Fukuoka University
Kuniyasu Suzaki AIST
Kengo Iijima AIST
Arimitsu Shikoda Tohoku Gakuin University
AsirPad - A Computer Algebra System with a Pen-based Interface on PDA Mitsushi Fujimoto Fukuoka University of Education
Masakazu Suzuki Kyushu University
Question and Answer Check System for Mathematics on the Web Seiichi Toyota Kyushu University
Tsuyoshi Miezaki Kyushu University
Masakazu Suzuki Kyushu University