General Information

- A month long visit to Korea without visa is commonly allowed for citizens of many nations, such as US, Canada, and some European nations. However, there are several notable exceptions, and we advise you to check with local consular offices ahead of time.

- For ground transportation from the Inchon(Seoul) airport, we recommend taking buses, which are sometimes referred to as "Limousines".

Airport to Holiday Inn:

An airport bus stops right in front of the hotel Holiday Inn Seongbuk (Not to be confused with Holiday Inn Mapo).  At the Inchon airport, go to bus stops 3B or 10B, and look for a sign with destination to "Dobong, Gangbuk, Seongbuk, Dongdaemun,  Seong-dong." The fare is13,000 won (13 US Dollars). The 7th stop in Seoul is designated as "Holiday Inn Seongbuk."  See "Airport Limousine Bus Routes for Holiday Inn Seongbuk" for a detailed route map.

Airport to KIAS

Taking a Limousine bus # 602 to Cheongryangri Station (fare: 8,000 won or 8 USD) and changing into a taxicab (fare: about 3,000 won) is often the cheapest mean of transportation to KIAS. In this case, please print out "Driving Instruction to KIAS (for Taxi)" and show it to your taxi driver. Tips are rarely given to taxi drivers in Korea.

Holiday Inn to KIAS

There will be a shuttle bus between Holiday Inn and KIAS at the following times:

    Holiday Inn to KIAS: 8:00am on Dec 8, 9, 10.

    KIAS to Holiday Inn: to be announced each day during the conference .

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