Conference Overview

The Asian Symposium on Computer Mathematics (ASCM) is a series of conferences which serves as a forum for participants to present original research, learn of research progress and developments, and exchange ideas and views on doing mathematics using computers. ASCM 2012 is the tenth in the series and will be held in Beijing.

Important Dates

Conference Topics

Specific topics for the symposium include but are not limited to:

Previous Meetings

The previous ASCM meetings were held in Beijing, China (1995), Kobe, Japan (1996), Lanzhou, China (1998), Chiang Mai, Thailand (2000), Matsuyama, Japan (2001) , Beijing, China (2003), Seoul,Korea (2005), Singapore (2007) and Fukuoka, Japan (2009). Further information on previous ASCM symposia may be found at .
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Key Laboratory of Mathematics Mechanization

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Key Laboratory of Mathematics Mechanization

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