The Key Laboratory of Mathematics-Mechanization (KLMM) is a research group within the Academy of Mathematics and System Sciences (AMSS) in the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS),  Beijing, China. 

The founder is Professor Wen-Tsun Wu.
The director is Professor Xiao-Shan Gao

The Key Laboratory of Mathematics-Mechanization has as its primary goal the research and development of theory, algorithms and software for symbolic computation, hybrid symbolic-numeric computation, geometric computation, automated reasoning, cryptographic and coding theory, differential and difference equations in mathematics physics, geometric constraint-solving, polynomial equation-solving.

Prof. Wen-Tsun Wu is awarded the 2006 Shaw Prize in Mathematical Sciences, called the Nobel Prizes of the East.

Main Areas of Interest

Some of the key laboratory main research interests include:

  • Automated theorem-proving in elementary and differential geometry
  • Constructive algebraic and differential algebraic geometry
  • Clifford algebra and geometric algebra
  • Finding closed-form solutions for differential and difference equations
  • Manipulation of analytic objects by computer algebra methods
  • Solving polynomial equations by exact methods (e.g. the the Ritt-Wu method, Groebner bases, resultants, etc)
  • Solving polynomial equations by hybrid symbolic-numeric methods (e.g. structured matrices, approximate factorization)
  • Theoretical and algorithmic research in cryptographic and coding theory
  • Engineering applications in robotics, intelligent CAD, computer vision, computer-aided geometric design.