The Algebraic Methods in Cryptography Workshop (AMC 2005) is being co-organized by Mulan Liu of AMSS, CAS, Zhuojun Liu (Chair) of MMRC, CAS, and Mingsheng Wang of Institute of Software, CAS. AMC’05 is being held as a satellite conference of ISSAC 2005 with the support of ISSAC'05 co-chairs Xiao-shan Gao and George Labahn. It will involve invited talks, contributed papers, and software demonstrations.

    Algebraic Methods become more and more important and powerful to Cryptography. The intention of the AMC workshop is to provide a forum for researchers from Cryptography and/or Computer Algebra. Especially we encourage people to look at cryptography from the point of view of computer algebra. The workshop is free for all ISSAC'05 participants.


    Everyone with an interest in applying algebraic methods to cryptography is welcome to attend. Topics of the workshop include, but are not limited to:

· Algebraic analysis methods for cryptography (for example for AES, HFE).

· All the aspects of multivariate cryptography.

· Algebraic analysis methods of stream ciphers, and against measures.

· Methods for solving huge sparse linear system over finite fields.

Invited Speakers

         Nicolas T. Courtois (France)

         Xiaotie Deng (Hong Kong)

         Chaoping Xing (Singapore)

         Frederik Armknecht (Germany)

         Jintai Ding (America)

Contributed Papers

    Authors are invited to send an extended abstract or a full-length paper in PDF format to Zhuojun Liu ( or Yingpu Deng ( by 30 May 2005. Submissions will be reviewed by the workshop program committee members based on relevance to the workshop, originality, and scientific interest. Authors will be notified by E-mail around 20 June 2005, so please include a contact E-mail address in the paper. The full-length paper (in PDF) is due 30 June 2005.

Electronic Proceedings

    The Workshop proceedings will be published on the SymbolicNet and maintained by the Institute for Computational Mathematics (ICM), Kent State University.

System Demonstrations

    If you have an AMC related system to demonstrate, please let us know as early as possible (by June 30, 2005), your name and affiliation, the name of the system(s) to demo, and your equipment request. We'll then announce all the demos on the AMC website.

Important Dates

    30 May   2005 --- Deadline for submitting papers/abstract

    30 June  2005 --- Deadline for submitting software demos

    30 June  2005 --- Full-length paper due

    23 July  2005 --- AMC'05 Workshop


    The AMC Workshop is a satellite conference of ISSAC'2005. Information for travel and accommodation (at conference rates) are available from the ISSAC 05 site. It is advisable to make hotel reservations early.


     Mulan Liu (Institute of Systems Science, CAS, China)

     Zhuojun Liu (MM Research Center, CAS, China)

     Mingsheng Wang (Institute of Software, CAS, China)

Program Committee

     Nicolas T. Courtois (France)

     Dong Hoon Lee (Korea)

     Mulan Liu (China)

     Zhuojun Liu (China)

     Ying Miao (Japan)

     Zhexian Wan (PC Chair, China)


     Mingsheng Wang (China)


    The AMC 2005 workshop is sponsored by the Mathematics-Mechanization Research Center(MMRC) of CAS, Beijing of China. The workshop is supported by the National Science Foundation of China as well as National Key Research Project 973 of China.