Contributed Talks

Schur Partition for Symmetric Ternary Forms and Readable Proof to Inequalities
Fangjian Huang, Shengli Chen
Half-GCD and fast rational recovery
Daniel Lichtblau
Application of Wu's Method to Symbolic Model Checking
Weibo Mao, Jinzhao Wu
Generalized Loewy-Decomposition of D-Modules
Dima Grigoriev, Fritz Schwarz
Symmetric and semisymmetric graphs construction using G-graphs
Alain Bretto, Luc Gillibert, Bernard Laget
Generalized Laplace transformations and integration of hyperbolic systems of linear partial differential equations
Sergey P. Tsarev
Exact analytical solutions to the nonlinear Schr\"{o}dinger equation model
Biao Li, Yong Chen, Qi Wang
Computing the $\mu$-Bases of Rational Curves and Surfaces Using the Polynomial Matrix Factorization
Jiansong Deng, Falai Chen, Liyong Shen
Preconditioners for Singular Black Box Matrices
William J. Turner
Finding Telescopers with Minimal Depth for Indefinite Nested Sum and Product Expressions
Carsten Schneider
Picard-Vessiot extensions for linear functional systems
Manuel Bronstein, Ziming Li, Min Wu
Partial Degree Formulae for Rational Algebraic Surfaces
J. Rafael Sendra, Sonia Perez-Diaz
Algebraic General Solutions of Algebraic Ordinary Differential Equations
J.M. Aroca, J. Cano, R. Feng, X.S. Gao
An Open Problem on Metric Invariants of Tetrahedra
Lu Yang, Zhenbing Zeng
Multivariate Power Series Multiplication
Eric Schost
A Procedure for Proving Special Function Inequalities Involving a Discrete Parameter
Stefan Gerhold, Manuel Kauers
Stability Analysis of Biological Systems with Real Solution Classification
Dongming Wang, Bican Xia
Structure and asymptotic expansion of multiple harmonic sums
Costermans, Enjalbert, Hoang Ngoc Minh, Petitot
A BLAS based C library for exact linear algebra on integer matrices
Zhuliang Chen, Arne Storjohann
Non complete integrability of a magnetic satellite in circular orbit.
Delphine Boucher
Computing the rank and a small nullspace basis of a polynomial matrix
Arne Storjohann, Gilles Villard
Hybrid symbolic-numeric integration in multiple dimensions via tensor-product series
Orlando A. Carvajal, Frederick W. Chapman, Keith O. Geddes
On the complexity of factoring bivariate supersparse (lacunary) polynomials
Erich Kaltofen, Pascal Koiran
Domains vs Expressions: An efficient high-level interface between Aldor and Maple
Cosmin E. Oancea, Stephen M. Watt
Generalized normal forms and polynomial system solving
Bernard Mourrain, Philippe Trebuchet
Selfintersections of a Bezier bicubic surface
Andre Galligo, Jean Pascal Pavone
Sum of roots with positive real parts
Hirokazu Anai, Shinji Hara, Kazuhiro Yokoyama
Approximation of Dynamical Systems using S-Systems Theory: Application to Biological Systems.
Laurent Tournier
Efficient Computation of the Characteristic Polynomial
Jean-Guillaume Dumas, Clment Pernet, Zhendong Wan
On computing nearest singular Hankel matrices
Markus A. Hitz
Affine Transformations of Algebraic Numbers
D.J. Jeffrey, Pratibha, K.B. Roach
Fast Algorithms for Polynomial Solutions of Linear Differential Equations
Alin Bostan, Thomas Cluzeau, Bruno Salvy
Deterministic equation solving over finite fields
Christiaan van de Woestijne
On Using Bi-equational Constraints in CAD Construction
Christopher W. Brown, Scott McCallum
Signature of Symmetric Rational Matrices and the Unitary Dual of Lie Groups
Jeffrey Adams, B. David Saunders, Zhendong Wan
Algorithms for Hybrid Optimal Control. Part I: Symbolic/Numeric Control of Affine Dynamical Systems
Aude Rondepierre, Jean-Guillaume Dumas
A Reliable Block Lanczos Algorithm over Small Finite Fields
Bradford Hovinen, Wayne Eberly
Gosper's Algorithm and Accurate Summation as Definite Summation Tools
Sergei A. Abramov, Marko Petkovsek
Solving Second Order Linear Differential Equations with Klein's Theorem
M. van Hoeij, J.-A. Weil
Symbolic-Numeric Completion of Differential Systems by Homotopy Continuation
Greg Reid, Jan Verschelde, Allan Wittkopf, Wenyuan Wu
Admissible Orderings and Finiteness Criteria for Differential Standard Bases
Aleksey Zobnin
Algorithms for the Non-monic case of the Sparse Modular GCD Algorithm
Jennifer de Kleine, Michael Monagan, Allan Wittkopf
Computing the Multiplicity Structure in Solving Polynomial Systems
Barry H. Dayton, Zhonggang Zeng
Generic Matrix Multiplication and Memory Management in LinBox
Erich Kaltofen, Dmitriy Morozov, George Yuhasz
Probabilistic Algorithms for Computing Resultants
Michael Monagan
Lifting techniques for triangular decompositions
Xavier Dahan, Marc Moreno Maza, Eric Schost, Wenyuan Wu, Yuzhen Xie
Architecture-aware classical Taylor shift by 1
Jeremy R. Johnson, Werner Krandick, Anatole D. Ruslanov
Adherence is better than Adjacency: Computing the Riemann Index using CAD.
J. Beaumont, Russell Bradford, J.H. Davenport, Nalina Phisanbut