Software Exhibitions

CoCoALib News
J. Abbott, A. Bigatti, M. Caboara, and L. Robbiano

LinBox, A Demonstration
The LinBox Group

Monos Algebra Software
R. A. Milowski

Discriminant Variety Maple Package
G. Moroz with J.-C. Faugère and F. Rouillier

SYNAPS: A Library for Symbolic and Numeric Computation
B. Mourrain, J. P. Pavone, O. Ruatta, P. Trébuchet, and E. Tsigaridas

Software Demonstration: New Memory Semantics for SACLIB
D. G. Richardson and W. Krandick

ALLTYPES: An ALgebraic Language and TYPE System
F. Schwarz

Software Demo of the Program CRACK
T. Wolf and W. Neun