An ALgebraic Language and TYPE System

Fritz Schwarz
53754 Sankt Augustin

Some Features provided by the ALLTYPES Working Environment

Getting Started with ALLTYPES
To get started, click on the Readme button and make sure that you have the correct system environment.

In order to work with the ALLTYPES system, click on the StartALLTYPES button and follow the instructions given there.

To report errors or requests for extensions or improvements, click on the Contact button and submit your message.

The Chatroom button is not active at the moment.
Becoming Familiar with ALLTYPES
In order to get to know ALLTYPES you may click on the Demos button and go through the demos described there.

The next level of familiarity, including some activitiy of your own, is obtained by going through the tutorials. To get a description click on the button Tutorials.

Assigning a type to a linear input string transforms it into a mathematical object. A complete listing of all types available is obtained by clicking on the button Type System.
Solving Problems with ALLTYPES
The real power of ALLTYPES is achieved by its user interface functions. For each of them a specification is available. They are organized as follows.

Commutative Algebra provides functions for working in rings of polynomials in one or more variables.

Differential Algebra deals with objects carrying dependencies with them such that the corresponding derivatives do not vanish.

Differential Equations is an extension of the preceding functions. It provides functions for solving differential equations and supports Lie's symmetry analysis.
Reading and Searching
The database given in the Differential Equations menue lists essentially the ordinary differential equations given in Kamke's collection. In addition a selection of named partial differential equations is listed.

The literature listed in the Authors menue has been helpful for designing the algorithms implemented in the current version of ALLTYPES.