Call For Papers


 A Special Issue in Journal of Symbolic Computation on Mathematics Mechanization


 Guest Editors: Xiao-Shan Gao, xgao@mmrc.iss.ac.cn

             Deepak Kapur, kapur@cs.unm.edu



During May 11-13, 2009, The Key Laboratory of Mathematics Mechanization of the Chinese Academy of Sciences organized an "International Conference on Mathematics Mechanization" in Beijing, China, to celebrate Professor Wen-Tsun Wu's ninetieth birthday. Professor Wen-Tsun Wu began to work on automated geometry theorem proving and symbolic equation solving in the late 1970s. He called the research of doing mathematics with computers, as Mathematics Mechanization, and predicted that mechanization of mathematics will have profound influence on the developments of science and technology in the information age. This special issue is devoted to the topic of mathematics mechanization and is dedicated to Prof. Wu.



We welcome submissions of original research papers in all aspects of Mathematics Mechanization. Topics include but are not limited to:

   - symbolic and hybrid computation

   - automated reasoning

   - polynomial equation solving

   - computational differential algebra

   - computational topology

   - applications in engineering problems



Submissions should have neither appeared in nor be under consideration for publication in other venues.


Submitted papers will undergo a standard referee procedure according to the editorial requirements of the  Journal of Symbolic Computation.



In order to get the reviewing procedure done as fast as possible and also to increase the readability of the contributed paper, the introduction of the paper must explicitly address the following questions in a succinct and informal manner:

 - What is the problem?

 - Why is the problem important?

 - What has been done so far on the problem?

 - What is the main contribution of the paper on the problem?


Submissions are requested via email to xgao@mmrc.iss.ac.cn and kapur@cs.unm.edu by August 31, 2009. The special issue is expected to come out in 2010.