At Louvre Palace    HUANG Lei , Assistant Professor
   Key Laboratory of Mathematics Mechanization ,
   Institute of Systems Science
   Academy of Mathematics and System Sciences
   Chinese Academy of Sciences
   Beijing 100190, China
   Fax: (+86) 10 62 63 07 06
   E-Mail: lhuang(at)mmrc(dot)iss(dot)ac(dot)cn

Research interests

Computational Geometry, Symbolic Computation, Computer Aided Geometric Design, Automatic Reasoning.

Currently, I focus on the following two topics.
The Computer Aided Geometric Design.

Algorithms for computing groebner basis.


  • 2003.9–2009.1,  Ph.D.,  Applied Mathematics,  Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science, CAS

    Supervisor:  Hongbo Li

  • 1999.9–2003.7,  B.Sci.,  Mathematics,   School of Mathematical Sciences, Peking University
  • Recent publications

    Working experiences

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