Mathematics in Computer Science

Call for Special Issue Papers

Symbolic and Numeric Computation

Call for Papers

Mathematics in Computer Science (MCS) is a new journal focusing on foundational research at the interface between mathematics and computer science. This special issue is devoted to publishing (original) research papers on the development of fundamental algorithms and software tools for symbolic computation, numeric computation, and their interaction. Symbolic and numeric computation (SNC) covers two major types of computations for exact and approximate solutions to theoretical and practical problems. The design, analysis, and implementation of efficient SNC algorithms have been always central to research, development, and application of SNC. The growing demand of speed, accuracy, and reliability in scientific and engineering computing has been accelerating the merging of symbolic and numeric computations. It is challenging to effectively combine symbolic computation and numeric computation to provide more powerful tools to tackle computational problems that cannot be solved by numeric or symbolic methods alone.


Specific topics for the special issue include, but are not limited to:

In general, MCS also addresses algorithms and complexity, scientific and engineering computation, complex systems, design and implementation of software systems, experimental and case studies, and applications of mathematical methods and tools to outstanding and emerging problems in applied computer and information sciences.


Submissions should be sent before November 30, 2006 to one of the guest editors:

It is recommended that papers be prepared using LaTeX with the class file in and according to the instructions for authors available on the MCS webpage

Important Date


The Editors-in-Chief of MCS are Dongming Wang (UPMC-CNRS, Paris and Beihang University, Beijing) and Zhiming Zheng (Beihang University, Beijing). The journal will be published by Birkhäuser, Basel. This special issue will appear in June 2007.

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