ACA 2022 Special Session

D-finite Functions and Beyond: Algorithms, Combinatorics, and Arithmetic


Shaoshi Chen (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)
Frederic Chyzak (INRIA Saclay, France)
Antonio Jimenez-Pastor (Ecole Polytechnique, France)
Manuel Kauers (Johannes Kepler University in Linz, Austria)
Veronika Pillwein (Johannes Kepler University in Linz, Austria)

Aim and Scope:

D-finite functions are solutions of homogeneous linear differential equations with rational function coefficients.
This is an important class of special functions since it appears ubiquitously in algebra, combinatorics, and number theory.
The D-finiteness of generating functions reflects the complexity of combinatorial classes, which is closed under addition,
multiplication, and taking diagonals. This makes D-finite function become a standard data structure for the manipulation
of special functions in symbolic computation and combintorics. D-finite functions admit a lot of algorithmic
extensions, such as DD-finite functions and series defined by quadratic differential equations etc. The goal of
this session is to create an exchanging forum for researchers who are working on the algorithmic,combinatorial,
and arithmetic aspects of D-finite functions.


Invited Speakers: