... For Angling may be said to be so like the Mathematics that it can never be fully learned; at least not so fully but that there 
will still be more new experiments left for the trial of other men that succeed us. 

                                                      -- from The Compleat Angler by Izaak Walton 

Shaoshi Chen 陈绍示

Associate Professor

Key Laboratory of Mathematics Mechanization

Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science

Chinese Academy of Sciences

East Road 55, Zhongguancun, 100190, Beijing.

Email:  schenATamss.ac.cn

Tel:  +86 10 82541399

Fax:  +86 10 82541809

Research Interests:




  1. Bivariate Extensions of Abramov's Algorithm for Rational Summation.
    Dedicated to Professor Sergei A. Abramov on the occasion of his 70th birthday: [PDF]

  2. Apparent Singularities of D-finite Systems.
    with Manuel Kauers,Ziming Li, Yi Zhang : [PDF]

  3. Reduction-based Creative Telescoping for Fuchsian D-finite Functions.
    with Mark van Hoeij , Manuel Kauers, Christoph Koutschan: [PDF]
    To appear in Journal of Symbolic Computation.

  4. Proof of the Wilf-Zeilberger Conjecture for Mixed Hypergeometric Terms.
    with Christoph Koutschan: [PDF]

Published Papers: publist

Research Notes (unpublished):

  1. A Note on Lipshitz's Lemma 3.
    with Ziming Li, 2011: [PDF].

  2. A Note on Ostrogradsky and Horowitz's Method.
    with Ziming Li, 2010: [PDF].

  3. A Exercise on Real Elementary Functions in the Book "Symbolic Integration I" (second edition) .
    with Ruyong Feng, Ziming Li, Huaifu Wang, 2008: [PDF].


  1. Linear Algebra (2014-2015) at University of Chinese Academy of Sciences.
  2. Linear Algebra (2016-2017) at University of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Seminar and Conferences:

  1. Computer Mathematics Seminar
  2. Workshop on Combinatorics and Symbolic Computation [Slides]

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