... For Angling may be said to be so like the Mathematics that it can never be fully learned; at least not so fully but that there 
will still be more new experiments left for the trial of other men that succeed us. 

                                                      -- from The Compleat Angler by Izaak Walton 

Shaoshi Chen 陈绍示 [CV]

Associate Professor

Key Laboratory of Mathematics Mechanization

Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science

Chinese Academy of Sciences

East Road 55, Zhongguancun, 100190, Beijing.

Email:  schenATamss.ac.cn

Tel:  +86 10 82541467

Fax:  +86 10 82541809

Research Interests:



Editorial Boards:

  • ACM Communications in Computer Algebra [Journal Homepage] (Since 2014)
  • Annals of Combinatorics [Journal Homepage] (Since 2019)
  • 系统科学与数学 (Journal of Systems Science and Mathematical Sciences Chinese Series) [Journal Homepage] (Since 2019)
  • Journal of Systems Science and Complexity [Journal Homepage] (Since 2020)
  • Maple Transactions (An open-access online journal) [Journal Homepage] (Since 2021)
  • Preprints:

    1. Telescopers for Differential Forms with One Parameter, 2021.
      with Ruyong Feng, Ziming Li, Michael F. Singer, Stephen M. Watt: [PDF]

    2. Constructing Minimal Telescopers for Rational Functions in Three Discrete Variables, 2019.
      with Qing-hu Hou, Hui Huang, George Labahn, and Rong-hua Wang: [PDF]

    Published Papers: publist


    1. Separability Problems in Creative Telescoping. ISSAC2021, Saint Petersburg, Russia, July 20, 2021. [Slides] [Paper]

    2. A Reduction Approach to Creative Telescoping. ISSAC2019 Tutorial Lectures, Beihang University, Beijing, China, 2019. [Slides] [Extended Abstract]

    3. How to generate all possible WZ-pairs algorithmically? Chinese Mathematical Society 2018 Annual Conference, Guiyang, Guizhou, China, 2018. [Slides]

    4. Symbolic Integration: A Brief Introduction. Seminar at the School of Mathematics, Liaoning Normal University, Dalian, China, 2018. [Slides]

    5. D-finite Generating Functions in Enumerative Combinatorics. Chinese Congress on Combinatorics and Graph Theory 2018, Hefei, China, 2018. [Slides]

    6. Rationality Theorems on D-finite Power Series. Seminar at the School of Mathematical Sciences, East China Normal University, Shanghai, China, 2018. [Slides]

    7. Reduction-based Algorithms for Creative Telescoping. Joint International Meeting of CMS-AMS, Shanghai, China, 2018. [Slides]

    8. D-finite Functions: Algorithmic, Analytic and Arithmetic Aspects. Computer Mathematics 2017, Xiangtan, China, 2017. [Slides]

    9. Power Series with Coefficients from a Finite Set. Lattice walks at the Interface of Algebra, Analysis and Combinatorics (2017), Banff, Canada, 2017. [Slides]

    10. Creative Telescoping: Theory and Algorithms. MITACS Seminar Series/ORCCA Joint Lab Meeting, Western University, Canada, 2016. [Slides]

    Research Notes (unpublished):

    1. A Note on Lipshitz's Lemma 3.
      with Ziming Li, 2011: [PDF].

    2. A Note on Ostrogradsky and Horowitz's Method.
      with Ziming Li, 2010: [PDF].

    3. A Exercise on Real Elementary Functions in the Book "Symbolic Integration I" (second edition) .
      with Ruyong Feng, Ziming Li, Huaifu Wang, 2008: [PDF].


    1. Linear Algebra (2014-2015) at University of Chinese Academy of Sciences.
    2. Linear Algebra (2016-2017) at University of Chinese Academy of Sciences.
    3. Abstract Algebra II (2019-2020) at Beihang University.
    4. Abstract Algebra II (2021-2021) at Beihang University.

    Seminar and Conferences:

    1. Computer Mathematics Seminar
    2. Workshop on Combinatorics and Symbolic Computation

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